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  • ShenZhen LASSO SMART IOT Co., Ltd., a leading intelligent technology company in China, has recently announced that it will participate in the 135th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair), which will be held in Guangzhou from April 15th to May 5th. This is not only an important step in the intelligent expansion of the brand's influence and expanding the international market, but also its precious opportunity to show the latest scientific and technological achievements to the world and seeking partners.
  • The Spring Festival is approaching. According to the relevant regulations on national statutory holidays and combined with the actual situation of the production department and office of Lianye Intelligent Company, the Spring Festival holiday arrangements for 2024 are as follows: Holiday from February 4th to February 17th, 14 days in total Officially starting work on February 18th The heads of each department are requested to make good pre-holiday work arrangements for their departments, carry out corresponding cleaning work before the holidays, check relevant facilities and equipment, and do a good job in fire prevention and anti-theft to ensure the safety and orderliness of the office space. During the holidays, all employees please keep mobile phone communications open, pay attention to the safety of personal and property, and spend the holidays safely. 24-hour service hotline: +8619925422671 +8619925427251 Happy New Year to everyone Shenzhen Lasso Smart IoT Co., Ltd January 22, 2024
  • FIND MY The card contains ultra-thin lithium battery, chip, solar panel and buzzer and other functions. However, the traditional business card printing process (i. e., thermal pressing technology process) may cause the ultra-thin lithium battery in the FIND MY card to explode. In order to ensure safety, SHENZHEN LASSO SMART IOT Co., Ltd. decided to use cold pressing technology to make FIND MY card. Customers can choose the appropriate production plan according to their own needs.
  • From November 5th to 7th, 2021, Shenzhen Lasso Smart IoT Co., Ltd.(LASSORFID) organized a team building activity, a social practice activity called "Don't forget your original intention, forge ahead". The purpose of this team building of LASSORFID is to provide employees with opportunities to communicate with each other, so that employees can have more in-depth understanding, build mutual trust and respect, and build a good communication foundation.
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