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FIND MY Combined with the cold pressing technology process
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With the rapid development of technology, object tracking technology has attracted people's attention. Apple's previous release of the Air Tag has injected new life into the space. As a Bluetooth-based tracking technology, Apple's Find My feature can be used not only to track Apple devices, but also to work with third-party devices to build a better anti-loss network.
In order to meet the market demand, SHENZHEN LASSO SMART IOT Co., Ltd. launched a product called FRIND MY card (Bluetooth tracking location card). The product has the following functions:
1. Location of missing device: The user can mark the device as missing mode after losing the device. Thereafter, the device information will be propagated in the Bluetooth network, and once a user's Bluetooth detects the device, its approximate location will be transmitted back to the user who initially lost the device, so that it can quickly retrieve the device.
2. Control the sound of the device: the user can remotely initiate the sound to help find accessories. This action applies to both the device owner and the non-owner initiation. After finding the approximate location of the accessories, the user lets the owner's iOS device sound to alert, and the owner cancels the reminder and finds the device himself.
It's worth noting that Find My app provides third-party interfaces, but not against user privacy. Neither Apple nor third-party partners are able to know where the phone will be. Apple's Find My technology uses Bluetooth wireless signals from Apple devices to build a network of devices to look for missing items. Find My app Will cooperate with third-party companies to create FRIND MY card anti-loss products. The launch of this product undoubtedly provides an innovative and practical solution for the market to meet the needs of consumers for item tracking.
FIND MY The card contains ultra-thin lithium battery, chip, solar panel and buzzer and other functions. However, the traditional business card printing process (i. e., thermal pressing technology process) may cause the ultra-thin lithium battery in the FIND MY card to explode. In order to ensure safety, SHENZHEN LASSO SMART IOT Co., Ltd. decided to use cold pressing technology to make FIND MY card. Customers can choose the appropriate production plan according to their own needs.
The following are three schemes for business card production:
1. The customer provides the main components and design schematic diagram. LASSORFID is responsible for optimizing the design of cold joint packaging smart card process, recommending the main / auxiliary material supply chain, making the overall cost budget, completing the production of cold joint packaging smart card, and finally delivering the mass finished products.
2. If the customer has mature circuit boards and supporting materials, LASSORFID is responsible for the process packaging card of the cold joint packaging smart card, and conducts the electrical performance and reliability tests, and finally delivers the finished product.
3. Customers provide design ideas, and we intelligently provide various solutions and design suggestions. Both parties agree to design and produce, and finally deliver the finished product.

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