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Common prosperity with employees
Respect Heaven and Love, Happy to Share and Do No Evil
Create value to customers
Who is Lasso?
Shenzhen Lasso Smart IoT Co., Ltd. established by Ant Team in 2020, it is committed to bringing the RFID world to every person, every family, every organization, and building an interconnected RFID digital world.
Who created Lasso?
Insist on being customer-centric, creating value for customers through innovative products, relying on hard-working people who bow down to the game, to be proud of those who struggle, and to reward those who have contributed, let contributors get rewards, and grow together with employees, and cooperate with suppliers, partners, etc. Build a win-win and shared ecosystem to promote technological progress and the development of the IOT industry.
What could we bring to the world?
Create value for customers, Lasso works with partners to provide innovative and leading smart products and minimalist RFID smart solutions for the IoT world, to provide friendly, smart and safe and reliable RFID hardware facilities for customers in various industries. Lasso is helping people enjoy high-quality work, life, travel and entertainment experiences, and contribute to the world of the Internet of Everything.
Lasso is mainly engaged in the design, development, production, sales and service of RFID products. The main products are contact and contactless smart cards, RFID Label and tags, innovative RFID devices and solutions. At present, it has successfully developed personal safety protection RFID products, providing supporting inserts for many domestic and foreign information security industry system vendors. The products have been successfully used in transportation, medical, education, telecommunications, supermarkets, logistics, scenic spots, games, smart homes, RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability fields, with domestic and foreign urban buses, highways, power grid payment, campus cards, hospital cards, libraries, asset RFID management and other large-scale project implementation experience, in order to guaranty the citizens' information more convenient and faster. Lasso launched its products to make citizens' food, clothing and transportation faster and more secure, such as travel "bus card", clothing "RFID tags", food "tracing management", living "residence permit". In order to promote the healthy development of the RFID industry, Lasso advocates openness, common prosperity and sharing, cooperation with customers and partners to innovate, create industrial value, and create a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem.
Lassos culture 
Everyone is born equal, and so are companies. Both small and large enterprises should have their own beliefs and sincerity. Lasso willing to be driven by its vision, to fulfill its oath. How simple is the word "common prosperity", even if the maximization of profit is the source of capital? Lasso is a different, this is a group of people who never follow blindly, confidently and honestly, adhere to their dreams, and pursue the ultimate goal of a modern enterprise with enthusiasm and hard work. If you are a warrior and have dreams, dare to challenge authority, and determined to do things, welcome to join Lasso, here walk with more like-minded people to start your thrilling career.
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